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We have assembled a wonderful team of expert consultants who are ready to learn, lead and serve your school. Our team lives by our CSCL leadership motto, “FUN, LEARNING & ACTION!”

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The CSCL helps schools amplify student and teacher voices and deepen student and teacher engagement as partners in school improvement  to create more caring, equitable, engaging and successful schools.

We have assembled a caring, intelligent, passionate, experienced team of youth and adult educational leaders, speakers, trainers, group facilitators and researchers who are ready to help your school more successfully meet the social, emotional and academic needs of ALL of your students.   

Who We Are

Center for School Climate and Learning

The CSCL was founded in 2010, to offer our Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) and leadership process to schools, colleges and universities across the US.  We also offer other effective youth voice and student empowerment programs, like FlagwayTM and Restorative Justice programs to client schools.

The CSCL offers professional development for teachers, student leaders, and school administrators that emphasizes youth adult partnership for school reform, youth and teacher empowerment and voice, improving school safety, personalized, student-centered learning, and educational equity.

Our programs and services are designed to provide diverse teams of students from grades K-12, as well as college-aged students, and teachers with empowering LEADERSHIP ROLES including:

  • Action Researcher
  • School Climate Leader
  • Math Literacy Worker
  • Flagway Coach
  • Peer Jurist
  • Peer Mentor 
  • School Climate Expert

Through our SafeMeasuresTM Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) Process, we help schools improve teaching and learning, re-think their school discipline systems, build teacher effectiveness, and expand student voice and engagement.  In 2022-23 we are partnering with UP for Learning and we call this new version of our program UPward Together!

Through our Game On: FLAGWAY program, we prepare high school and college-aged students to serve as Math Literacy Workers and Flagway Coaches to help elementary and middle school students build their math skills and confidence using ‘game-based learning’.

Through our Restorative Justice programs, we help middle and high school leaders and teachers work in partnership with their students to examine and improve their school discipline and social and emotional support systems.

Please contact us to learn more about how the CSCL can support your school.

 Our Staff

Meet the People 

We rely on our amazing team of wonderful human beings to bring expertise, joy, empathy, humor, and passion to this work.

Terrence Pride, M. S. Ed

Terrence Pride, M. S. Ed

Program Director

Terrence is a multidisciplinary performance artist who creates work that promotes healing through the arts, by learning and unlearning through the artistic process and engaging with his work.  A graduate of Florida A&M University in Theatre Performance and Dance with a Master of Science degree in Urban Education from Florida International University. An award-winning creative and educator, his work in arts education provides opportunities for youth in urban and marginalized communities to experience high-quality arts education and engagement.
Holly Preble

Holly Preble

CFO and Office Manager

Holly Preble is the best manager, communicator and most well-organized person we know. She makes sure that our schools have everything they need to engage successfully in the SafeMeasures, Flagway, and RJ Programs. She coordinates all of our contracts, schedules all research and monthly meetings,  does the budgeting and billing, and makes sure that everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there, and has whatever they need to be successful. If there are any questions, everybody just calls, texts, or emails Holly. Holly’s legal background and experience in event planning and office management keeps the trains running on time!

Rabi Jalloh

Rabi Jalloh


Rabi Jalloh is the newest member of our CSCL Team. Rabi is a poet, performer, teacher, anti-racism activist and restorative justice leader. She is the 2017 & 2019 College Union Slam Invitational Best Poet Champion and Penn State Grand Slam Champion.  Rabi is from New York City and is currently working as a middle school English teacher in Philadelphia. Rabi specializes in youth voice and youth leadership and works primarily with student and adult leadership teams. She offers leadership training and support for our partner schools as a member of our SafeMeasures and Restorative Justice teams.

  on student learningcAsAbout

Our Director

Bill Preble is a Professor of Education at New England College and Executive Director of The Center for School Climate and Learning. He holds a Doctoral degree in Education from the University of Maine a Master of Education degree from the University of Washington, and  earned his teaching certification at New England College.

Bill began his career in education as an elementary teacher and middle school social studies teacher. He later became an elementary school principal and was director of the University of Maine’s Aspirations Project, designed to promote critical thinking, student leadership, and post-secondary attendance to improve life chances for Maine students. Bill formed the Center for School Climate and Learning to provide outreach and research services to schools in 2010.

At New England College, Bill teaches undergraduate courses in educational psychology, evaluation and assessment, and democratic school leadership. In NEC’s Doctoral program, he teaches courses in Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Critical issues in Education, and Educational Reform. His research is in the areas of youth political socialization, educational leadership, personalization of student learning, school violence prevention, and the influence of school culture and school climate on student learning.

Bill has worked in hundreds of schools across the country, written two books, numerous book chapters, published his work in ASCD’s Educational Leadership and several other academic journals, and presented his research and writing at state, regional and national conferences. He and his colleagues at the CSCL also design and conduct independent educational program and produce evaluations for educational publishers and schools under the name of Main Street Academix.

Dr. Preble is the author of two books on youth voice and school climate leadership: Transforming School Climate and Learning: Beyond Bullying and Compliance  (Preble & Gordon, 2011) and  The Respectful School (2009), co-authored with Stephen Wessler. Bill has published numerous articles and book chapters about his work and research and offers a variety of professional development webinars, workshops, and services to schools and educational organizations.

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