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Improving Schools Together

The Center for School Climate & Learning is dedicated to helping schools and school leaders provide quality education for ALL students. We help bring respect for ALL, joy, engagement and purpose to our partner schools by amplifying student and teacher voices. We help your school gather and use “actionable feedback” in the form of school climate and culture data to improve school climate, culture, safety and learning.

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Relationships First

Our Mission

“Founded in 2010, the Center for School Climate & Learning has helped hundreds of schools across the US become more respectful, effective places for learning.

We help schools achieve greater success with ALL students by promoting positive school climate and culture through personalized learning.  

  • We help schools improve by respecting, listening, and understanding the experiences of all members of their community.
  • We develop diverse student and adult leadership teams to work as partners to amplify student and teacher voices, and to understand the unique qualities of their school.
  • We help schools build relationships by working collaboratively  to apply our SafeMeasures Collaborative Action Research Process.
  • We customize leadership training and professional development based on each school’s unique strengths and needs.
  • We share and apply the latest research, which shows that positive ‘school culture’ leads to  healthy, respectful ‘school climate’, and these two factors are essential drivers of successful, effective school improvement.
  • WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE OUR NEW “POST-COVID” PARTNERSHIP WITH               “UP for LEARNING” whose amazing staff and team of high school student mentors will be working with our school partners this year! Check out this link to this new initiative 

Program and Services

UPward TogetherTM

Our School Climate Leadership Process

We work with school leaders to invite diverse groups of elementary, middle school and high school students to form School Climate Student Leadership Teams. Students learn to work as partners with adults as they take on the roles of Action Researchers and School Climate Leaders.

After collecting data and learning about school climate and culture, teams use these data to set school improvement goals, create action plans, and initiate 'sweet spot" action projects to drive school improvement and change.


This year we will be working with Up for Learning to offer this program and calling it UPward Together.

Game On: FlagwayTM

Math Literacy for ALL

The CSCL has teamed up with the Young People's Project (YPP) to bring the Flagway Game to Northern New England!

Flagway is a fun, fast paced, competitive, highly physical, and engaging math game developed by Civil Rights icon Robert (Bob) Parris Moses and is being implemented with students as leadership partners by the Young People's Project (YPP). Flagway has been shown by decades of research to be an effective way for middle and elementary students who struggle with math, to successfully and confidently learn mathematical skills and concepts.

 We are already booked for 2021-22 for Flagway...please inquire about future work in your school. 

Restorative Justice Services


Students are coming to school with increasing levels of mental health challenges and behavioral problems. The Covid-19 crisis will undoubtedly add exponentially to the challenges that schools and students and families are facing.  School leaders, teachers and students are looking for answers and solutions that go beyond traditional, “impersonal, punishment or punitive-based systems”. Restorative Justice (RJ) Practices can offer a set of powerful alternatives to help support schools, teachers, students and families.

RJ Practices such as Advisories, Restorative Circles, Peer Mentoring,  and Peer Juries are being used effectively in schools across the nation to transform our thinking about effective social, emotional and behavioral student supports and school discipline  systems. RJ practices help build empathy, personal relationships, and community by addressing the root causes of student misbehavior. RJ  allows for the resolution of conflict while helping schools address the trauma, social challenges, and psychological needs that so many young people are facing and bringing with them to school everyday.  

The CSCL Restorative Justice Team can provide your school with comprehensive, RJ -based solutions, tools, and professional development for teachers, student leaders, and school administrators. We look forward to helping your learn more about Restorative Justice programs and practices.

Schedule a free consultation session with a member of our team to explore how Restorative Practices like advisories, restorative circles, peer mediation, near-peer mentoring, and peer juries can be used in your school and classrooms.


A Word

From Our Director

We have learned so much over the last two decades about what makes a school effective by listening to a broad cross-section of students and dedicated, caring teachers. Here are a few key things that you have taught us:

One student told us, “School climate is what happens when the grown ups aren’t around.” We know that adults can have “blind spots” when it comes to what really happens in schools and classrooms. This is why adults need students as leadership partners.

Another student said, “I never knew I was smart until my mother watched me and my team win the Flagway Game.” If we truly want all children to succeed, then adults need to stop underestimating or ignoring the gifts that every child possesses.

“It is all about the relationships we have with our teachers,” one student said . “The relationships need to come first, then the learning happens.”

The more we listen to our students, the more effective we will all be as educators. One of our teacher partners said it best when she said, “When the teachers and the students are at the table together, it always brings out the best in the teachers.

We agree! When students and teachers work as partners, they can transform their schools, and have fun doing this essential work together!

– Bill Preble

“Thank you to the thousands of amazing teachers and students who have taught is so much about how to make schools better places for everybody.”

– Bill Preble

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