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Restorative Justice is a relational Approach to Resolving Conflict!

Key Questions We Will Help Your School Explore

  • Are school leaders, teachers, students and parents satisfied with your school’s current approaches to student discipline and support?
  • Does punishment work to change behavior?
  • How can schools uphold accountability, resolve conflicts, and rebalance the community after incidents of misbehavior or harm occur?
  • How can prejudice, racism, and trauma impact the choices young people and adults make and cause harm to individuals and your school community?
  • Once relationships are harmed, what can be done to repair that harm and restore respectful relationships?

 Our CSCL Restorative Justice Team:

  • Provides school leaders, teachers and students with training on Essential Restorative Justice principles, practices, roles and implementation strategies.
  • Offers in-depth training to support a systems audit of current behavioral and disciplinary policies and practices.
  • Provides in-depth training to support the exploration of RJ models including: Restorative Circles, Restorative Conferences, Peer Mentoring, and Peer Juries.
  • Supports schools and school districts who want to work toward strategic, systemic change and implementation of RJ practices and Programs as essential elements of school improvement.

Please contact us to explore which RJ options make sense for your school or district.


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