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Sorry...our Flagway program is booked for 2021-22!

The Flagway™ Game was invented by civil rights leader Bob Moses, to help low-performing, at-risk students build their math skills, their self-confidence and to prepare for algebra and college-level math. Game On! Flagway™ combines team building, math games, and student leadership activities to help students build their math skills, and enjoyment of math. The National Science Foundation and many other researchers have demonstrated that Flagway™ and game-based learning really works!

Students from grades 4-8 work with high school and college-aged “Flagway™ coaches” and their peers as part of a 10-week after-school program. Each week they meet with their Flagway™ coaches to engage in team-building and play a set of math games that enable them to learn mathematics skills and concepts.

Beginning with simple concepts like odd and even numbers, we move to multiplication and division, prime factorization and mutually exclusive groups.  Students then move to learn 3 algebra forms, and to ‘crack the code’ , where they convert numbers to letters. Finally, students learn how to convert these three algebra forms into three Flagway™ colors. Now, they are ready to choose sets of random numbers, create their Flagway™ Flags, and “run the Flagway™ Structure” to compete for speed and accuracy, as they try to help their team win the Flagway™ Game.

Week after week, students work together, and with their Flagway™ Coaches, to build their math skills, speed and confidence. They practice, play and compete in local, regional, and state-wide Flagway™ Tournaments, and in doing so, joyfully demonstrate their math skills and learning for all to see!

Our ultimate goal is to develop Flagway teams in NH, VT, and Maine and sponsor a Northern New England Flagway™ Tournament, where winning teams will earn an invitation to compete in the Annual National Flagway™ Tournament, held each May.

Please contact us to learn how your school and your students who struggle with math can become part of our National Flagway™ network and work with us in the future. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about Flagway!

How will this “hybrid” on-line and virtual face-to-face version of Flagway™ work?

  • Elementary and middle school students will work weekly with CSCL staff, high school or college-aged math literacy coaches via Zoom or Google Meets.
  • These ‘near-peer mentors’ will engage with students, coach them to get them psyched to learn and win Flagway™!
  • Players and teacher mentors will have access to our Game On! Flagway™ Website and activity videos to learn the weekly games, submit their scorecards and reflections to earn weekly points and prizes.
  • Each week students will earn points for playing the games, practice to increase their speed and accuracy, and gain extra leadership points for engaging others in these games.
  • Students will compete in school-based teams to prepare for local Flagway™ competitions.
  • Pre-post evaluations of math literacy will assess student growth in math skills, math attitudes and confidence.
  • Students and schools will be invited to participate in the NeFL (New England Flagway™ League) and compete against students from across New England in our December & April Flagway™ Tournaments.
  • Teams who qualify will be invited to participate in the National Flagway™ Tournament in May.


Game On! Flagway™ Program & League Information

Program Information

Elementary Schools

  • 10-week On-Line Program, Local Tournament
  • 10-25 students

Middle Schools

  • 10-week On-Line Program, Local Tournament
  • 10-25 students

High Schools

  • 10-week On-Line math literacy Coach Training
  • 5-10 students to be trained as near-peer mentors

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